Jenkins : M2 Extra Steps Plugin

Deprecated: This plugin has been removed from the Jenkins Update Centre

Since version 1.433, this functionality is included in the core.
Archived versions of this plugin remain available for download.

Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'm2-extra-steps' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

Deprecated since core 1.433. This plugin provides the ability to add pre- and post-build steps to Maven 2-type projects.

Since version 1.433 this functionality is included in the core, therefore this plugin is deprecated

This allows for the use of wrapper scripts, cleanup, version updating, etc outside of Maven while still taking advantage of the functionality of Maven 2 projects.

Project Configuration

Check "Configure M2 Extra Build Steps" in the Build Wrappers section of a Maven project's configuration. Add pre- and/or post-build steps, as desired. These steps function the same as freestyle project steps.

Version History

Version 1.1.8 (June 19, 2014)

Migrate job configuration to use maven-plugin pre/post build step support and auto-uninstall plugin.

Version 1.1.7 (Mar 6, 2012) (why no 1.1.5/.6 because Unknown User (olamy) had encountered github failure and was lazy to delete remote tags (tongue) )
  • fix potential NPE.
Version 1.1.4 (Feb 17, 2011)
  • Translation update (French)
Version 1.1.3 (Dec 21, 2009)
  • Bug fix: Load node properties (such as global environment variables) properly. (JENKINS-4701)
  • Bug fix: Don't NPE if runIfResult is set to null somehow. (JENKINS-5123)
Version 1.1.2 (Sep 28, 2009)
  • Bug fix: Properly checks against build result, taking into consideration that build result object could be null, which translates to successful. (JENKINS-4465)
Version 1.1.1 (May 28, 2009)
  • Bug fix: very silly mistake caused post-build run criteria to not display properly. (JENKINS-3789)
Version 1.1 (May 26, 2009)
  • Bug fix: No longer marks build as "keep forever". (JENKINS-3753)
  • Feature: Options added for conditionally executing post-build steps only when build succeeds, only when build succeeds or is unstable, or no matter what - the last being the default.
  • Also prettied up the config a bit.
Version 1.0 (May 18, 2009)
  • Initial release