Locks and Latches plugin

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Plugin Information

Plugin ID locks-and-latches Changes In Latest Release
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Apr 16, 2010
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n/a (id: F276977)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 3037
2013-May 3072
2013-Jun 3095
2013-Jul 3178
2013-Aug 3066
2013-Sep 3158
2013-Oct 3262
2013-Nov 3181
2013-Dec 3088
2014-Jan 3221
2014-Feb 3292
2014-Mar 3350

This plugin allows you to control the parallel execution of jobs.

This plugin is on the Proposed Plugin Deprecation list. Take a look at the Throttle Concurrent Builds Plugin.

Locks and Latches plugin

This plugin allows you to control the parallel execution of jobs.

  • Locks are used to discourage jobs from executing in parallel.
  • Latches are used to encourage jobs to execute in parallel.

At present only Locks have been implemented.

Version History

Version 0.6 (16 Apr 2010)

  • The list of locks is now alphabetically sorted when saving the global configuration

Version 0.5 (26 Dec 2009)

  • Fix broken help link
  • Update uses of deprecated APIs

Version 0.4 (17 Oct 2008)

  • Bugfix for hanging builds

Version 0.3 (12 Oct 2008)

Version 0.2 (03 Dec 2007)

  • Initial release
  • Only implements Lock functionality


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