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This plugin only works with LiveRebel 2.7. See the LiveRebel Jenkins integration guide for integration with newer versions of LiveRebel.. 

Safely deploy or update applications - code, database and configuration included - across environments with no user interruption or downtime. Failed deployments are fully rolled back.

Plugin Information

Plugin ID liverebel-deploy Changes In Latest Release
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2.7.4 (archives)
Dec 10, 2013
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Toomas Romer (id: toomasr)
Juri Timosin (id: DracoAter)
Mirko Adari (id: mirkozt)
Ats Uiboupin (id: atsuiboupin)
Tonis Pool (id: poolik)
Gleb Stsenov (id: glebsts)
Neeme Praks (id: nemecec)
Usage Installations 2014-Feb 99
2014-Mar 89
2014-Apr 87
2014-May 98
2014-Jun 84
2014-Jul 88
2014-Aug 88
2014-Sep 82
2014-Oct 78
2014-Nov 71
2014-Dec 69
2015-Jan 68


LiveRebel helps you release apps - code, database and config - across environments safely with no user interruption or downtime. All updates can be tested before real users access them, thereby always shielding users from deployment failures. Failures are fully rolled back. The LiveRebel plugin for Jenkins integrates Jenkins with your LiveRebel installation.

  1. If you do not already have LiveRebel, download the free version and install it.
  2. Add servers - app, web, database or file servers to your LiveRebel installation.
  3. Use these instructions to install and use the LiveRebel plugin for Jenkins.
  4. Package your build artifact to include code, db and config updates as needed.

You're done! You can now automatically deploy your app with zero downtime, or simply upload your artifacts to LiveRebel for later deployment.

Why use the LiveRebel plugin to automate deployments?

Jenkins can FTP artifacts for you. So why do you need LiveRebel to automate deployments? Here's why:

  • Bundle all release artifacts into one. Package them together so you don't misplace file or scripts, or accidentally use a wrong version while updating production environments.
  • Run release scripts, app and database updates. Provision and configure your environments, deploy your application, and run database updates. Automate your release process.
  • Get staged, zero downtime app updates. LiveRebel updates servers in stages using rolling restarts so users are not interrupted. It can also run tests at the end of each stage.
  • Achieve failsafe deployments with rollback. LiveRebel automatically rolls back app, db and config changes on deployment or test failure. Users are shielded from failed deployments.
  • Fully automate the release pipeline! Integrate Jenkins with LiveRebel using the LiveRebel plugin to fully automate releases with all the necessary tests and processes in place.

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