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Plugin ID labeled-test-groups-publisher Changes In Latest Release
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Mar 20, 2010
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n/a (id: dty)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 181
2013-May 167
2013-Jun 174
2013-Jul 174
2013-Aug 171
2013-Sep 179
2013-Oct 188
2013-Nov 187
2013-Dec 192
2014-Jan 210
2014-Feb 205
2014-Mar 214

This plugin provides the functionality to group tests by types, such as "unit test", "smoke test", "regression test", etc.
This is useful for situations where different tests share the same test output format, but you want to display the results separately.

This plugin automatically converts JUnit Result Archiver and CPPUnit publishers to use the Labeled Test Groups Publisher. It automatically finds any jobs that use the JUnit Result Archiver, or CPPUnit publisher, and converts those publishers into groups within the "unit" group within a new Labeled Test Group Publisher. This conversion will not be persisted unless a job's configuration is explicitly edited by the user. The kinds of test result publishers that will be automatically converted are JUnit test result archiver and CppUnit test result archiver.

If you do not want your JUnit and CPPUnit publishers to be converted automatically, recompile the plugin with ENABLE_CONVERSIONS = false in

Coding Tasks

  • Get rid of utilitybuilders.hpi plugins in test @LocalData's. There's a TouchBuilder in core now.
  • Look at EnhancedTestCase. Can it be eliminated? All of those methods should probably go into HudsonTestCase.
  • Lots of tests are marked SKIP_testFoo. I think they will mostly all work, though. Try turning them on and make sure.
  • Upgrade fisheye url in pom.
  • Add the ability to configure test group labels. (This was implemented before, but it got lost along the way.)


Version 1.2.6 (Mar 20, 2010)

  • Fixed problem where parser names were not showing up in the drop down menu.

Version 1.2.4

  • First public version


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