Jenkins : Kundo Plugin

Deprecated: This plugin has been removed from the Jenkins Update Centre

The Kundo service no longer exists.
Archived versions of this plugin remain available for download.

Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'kundo' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

This plugin allows you to invoke Kundo builds as a Jenkins build step.

Configuring the Kundo Plugin

Install the Kundo Jenkins Plugin, you should be able to do this through the management interface, if not, upload the kundo.hpi manually and restart Jenkins.

Configuring a Kundo installation

If you only have one Kundo installation on your system and already have the KUNDO_HOME environment variable set, this installation will be picked up automatically. You can however add additional Kundo installations by selecting Manage Jenkins and then selecting Configure System from the Jenkins interface.

Scroll down the page, if the plugin was successfully installed you should see a section entitled Kundo. Click the Add button to add an extra installation:

Give your installation a name you will recognise, could be a version, in the name field.
Now fill in the path to your additional Kundo home directory in the KUNDO_HOME field.

That is it for adding additional Kundo installations. Now you will want to configure a job.

Configuring a Kundo job

Click New Job then select Build a free-style software project, give your job a name and click OK.

Enter all the appropriate source code management and job information and then the select Add build step button. From the drop down list that appears select Invoke Kundo job.

Now you can select the Kundo installation you wish to use, and simply add the phases you want to call Kundo with in the Phases field. If you want to specify properties to modify Kundo behaviour, and you probably do, click the Advanced button:

Now you can add properties in the Properties field that has just appeared. Add one property per line, if you need to expand the field, click the arrow on the right hand side and you can carry on adding properties to your heart's content.

Change Log

Version 0.2 (Jan 31, 2010)
  • Update code for more recent Hudson
Version 0.1 (Feb 11, 2009)