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Plugin ID klocwork Changes In Latest Release
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Apr 19, 2013
dashboard-view (version:2.4)
maven-plugin (version:1.410)
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Aravindan Mahendran (id: Aravindan)
Gregory Boissinot (id: gboissinot)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 441
2013-May 452
2013-Jun 461
2013-Jul 494
2013-Aug 484
2013-Sep 485
2013-Oct 497
2013-Nov 500
2013-Dec 493
2014-Jan 517
2014-Feb 562
2014-Mar 592
This plugin makes it possible to publish Klocwork reports in Jenkins.


* Release 1.16. New features: web API XML generation moved to publisher, SSL support added, compiler options separated from Klocwork options. Bugfixes plus dependency on kwjlib v1.2 added


Version 1.15

* Enabled embedded Klocwork results in Klocwork v9.6 and later.
Achieved using kwjlib to retrieve issues from Klocwork Web API, which are
put into an XML file by KloXMLGenerator and then parsed as before

Version 1.14.1

* Allowing Klocwork publisher to appear in maven job

Version 1.14

* Fixed NullPointerException and added compiler options

Version 1.13

* Fix reopened issue #12861 - klocwork - update to recognize 9.5.x xml schema

Version 1.12

* Fix issue #12861 - klocwork - update to recognize 9.5.x xml schema

Version 1.11

* Merge pull request - Add compatibility with Klocwork v9.6

Version 1.10

* Fix issue #13668 - Klocwork Plugin Fails if no KW Issues

Version 1.9

* Fix issue #14005 - Major issue when Klocwork reporting is enabled

Version 1.8.1

* Allow publisher part to appear in maven jobs.

Version 1.8

* Fixed issue #13743 - Jenkins 1.463 + Klocwork plugin - crashes when saving configuration

Version 1.7

* Fixed issue #12535 - Link to the line which contains the klocwork error instead of just linking to the file.

Version 1.6

* Update to latest DTkit versions

Version 1.5

* Updated version number. Provided variable ${BUILD_ID} when specifying Klocwork tables directory such that a unique directory can be used for each build.
* Added functionality to specify options for kwbuildproject. Useful for changing location of tables directory, adding compiler options, etc.

Version 1.4

* Updated xml parser to work with reports generated by Klocwork v9.5. New features: per-build pie chart showing number of issues and their state, a link to view the build.log, link to view the parse_errors.log and a link to access Klocwork Review within Jenkins. Now to test on Windows.

Version 1.3

* Fixed JENKINS-10773
* Fixed JENKINS-10775
* Fixed JENKINS-10776

Version 1.2

* Fixed JENKINS-10455

Version 1.1

* Fixed issue #10379 - Allowed statuses for Klocwork report are incorrect
* Fixed args parsing

Version 1.0

* Initial version


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