Keyboard Shortcuts Plugin

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Keyboard Shortcuts Plugin

Plugin Information

Plugin ID keyboard-shortcuts-plugin Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
1.2 (archives)
Apr 03, 2012
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Jesse Farinacci (id: jieryn)
Usage Installations 2014-Mar 341
2014-Apr 356
2014-May 348
2014-Jun 332
2014-Jul 357
2014-Aug 361
2014-Sep 378
2014-Oct 371
2014-Nov 381
2014-Dec 378
2015-Jan 356
2015-Feb 372

Provides keyboard shortcuts to quickly and efficiently navigate and manage Jenkins.


Despite being keyboard oriented, there are several visual user interface elements to this plugin.

Help Panel Launched via ?, shows all the known shortcuts
View Selector Panel Launched via g-v, lets the user select from all Views and jumps to the selected View
Job Selector Panel Launched via g-j, lets the user select from all Jobs and jumps to the selected Job
Job Permalink Selector Panel Launched via g-p when user is on a Job page, selects from all Permalinks
Node Selector Panel Launched via g-N, selects from all Computer Nodes
Job in View Navigation When user is on a View page, arrow keys, vim j/k and n/p, and others, migrate the selected Job selector, hit o to open that Job


Shortcuts from any Job page

These shortcuts are available when you are on a ./job/.** page:

Shortcut Action
b Build now
g-c Go to Changes
g-C Go to Configure Job
g-m Go to Modules
g-p Permalink Selector
g-P Go to SCM Polling
g-s Go to Status
g-t Go to Build Time Trend
g-w Go to Workspace

Shortcuts from any View page

These shortcuts are available when you are on a ./view/.* page, but *not a Job page (e.g. ./view/All/job/.**):

Shortcut Action
b build current job item
j next job item
k previous job item
n next job item
o open current job item
p previous job item
g-C Go to Configure View

Shortcuts from any page

These shortcuts are available when you are on any page, unless overridden by a Job or View page shortcut:

Shortcut Action
? show keyboard shortcut help
/ move cursor to search box
r refresh current page
g-C Go to Configure Jenkins
g-h Go to Home
g-H Go to Build History
g-j Job Selector
g-m Go to Manage Jenkins
g-n Go to Computer Nodes
g-N Computer Node Selector
g-p Go to People
g-P Go to Plugin Manager
g-v View Selector

Shortcuts from any Selector Panel

These shortcuts are available when you are on any selector panel:

Shortcut Action
previous item
previous item
next item
next item
<escape> close panel
<enter> select item
<home> first item
<end> last item
<pg-up> first item
<pg-dn> last item

Shortcuts from the Search Results Panel

These shortcuts are available when you are on the Search Results panel:

Shortcut Action
j next search item
k previous search item
n next search item
o open current search item
p previous search item


2.0 (planned)

  • make keyboard shortcuts an extension point for other plugins

1.3 (not yet released)

  • Help/Selectors should use the offset from the top of the viewport, not top of the screen issue #13375
  • Add keyboard shortcut for console output issue #13723
    • NOTE: the best way to do this was g-c which was previously used by /changes .. /changes now accessed via g-g
  • allow j/k navigation for search results issue #13105 - this forced bump to requiredCore of v1.461

1.2 (released 2012-04-03)

  • depend on Jenkins v1.455, mistake with v1.1 to depend on v1.454
  • typing within a selector should be for anywhere in the selector item name issue #13305
  • hitting / key puts / in the search box issue #13106

1.1 (released 2012-03-07)

  • depend on Jenkins v1.454 which uses upgraded prototype.js library to not collide with new breadcrumbs
  • fixed URL handling for proxy/reverse proxy/weird deploy contexts issue #12730

1.0 (released 2012-02-22)

  • depend on the released jenkins 1.451
  • fixed a simple bug with permalink jumping

1.0-beta-2 (released 2012-02-08)

  • added ability to type prefixes in selectors and have results filtered
  • add node selector
  • properly handle selectors to prevent multiples being active simultaneously
  • fixed prototype.js problem issue #11618
  • provide a user property to allow logged in users to enable/disable shortcuts

1.0-beta-1 (released 2012-01-29)

  • initial implementation
  • fully I18Ned


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