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Plugin Information

Plugin ID jenkins-jira-issue-updater Changes In Latest Release
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1.17 (archives)
Oct 21, 2015
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Laszlo Miklosik (id: laszlomiklosik)
Ian Sparkes (id: isparkes)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 2263
2014-Dec 2242
2015-Jan 2365
2015-Feb 2414
2015-Mar 2594
2015-Apr 2652
2015-May 2667
2015-Jun 2770
2015-Jul 2823
2015-Aug 2815
2015-Sep 2817
2015-Oct 2883

This is a Jenkins plugin which updates issues in Atlassian Jira (by changing their status, adding a comment or updating fields) as part of a Jenkins job.

What's new

Version 1.17

Changed to use the REST interface (SOAP has been deprecated and is being removed). The current functionality is:

  • JIRA selection using JQL
  • Add a JIRA comment (supports variable substitution)
  • Update a field with a value (supports variable substitution)
  • Set a workflow status

Note: "Fixed Versions" removed temporarily

Added "Post Build Action"

Version 1.3

Added support for build parameters and environment variables.

Use e.g


and not:


and then they will get replaced for any of the below:

  • jira comment
  • jql
  • workflow action name

When to use it

  • in case you would like to announce or just log in Jira that the deployment of certain fixes / issues the acceptance server has completed (this makes sense if you already use Jenkins to deploy your applications to the acceptance web/app server).
  • in case you would like Jenkins to update multiple issues when a new version of one of your projects is released (this makes sense if you use the "maven release plugin" and you trigger it from Jenkins).
  • in case you would like to progress multiple Jira issues in the workflow (bulk changing the status of multiple Jira issues) and/or add a comment to issues after a Jenkins job has successfully completed.

How to use it

After installing this plugin you will find it:

  • under the 'Add build step' option (in case of a free-style or multi-configuration project build jobs) 
  • under the 'Add pre-build Step' & 'Add post-build step' options (in case of Maven project build jobs)


  • the Jira SOAP URL (e.g. http://something.com/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2)
  • the Jira username and password to be used to connect to Jira
  • a JQL query selecting the issues to be updated (e.g. project="JENKINS" and status="Pending deploy")
  • the name of the workflow action to be executed (not mandatory)
  • the message to be added to each issue (not mandatory)

Example plugin configuration



plugin-external plugin-external Delete
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