Step 1 : Download Jenkins Runner From Github repository

Step 2: Extract the Runner to a suitable place /usr/share or /opt in linux and C:\tools in windows

Step 3: Copy the jenkins.war to RunnerHome/lib directory 

Step 4: Based on your environment Start the appropriate script ( under bin folder)

For example on Windows you can click bin/[windows-x86-64] or [windows-x86-32]/StartJenkins.bat

Jenkins Runner is based on Java Service Wrapper


  • Pre bundled script which would allow you to manage jenkins instance in different environments seamlessly
  • Configurations can be changed/added very easily
  • Scripts supports init.d configuration and Windows Service modes
  • Upgrading jenkins is just a matter of replacing jenkins.war in lib folder
  • Pre configured plugins can be provided with the bundle.
  • you can added other jar files easily in the class path
  • application parameters and jmv parameters can configured very easily

Shorter Version

  • Easy instance Management
  • Easy Configuration
  • Easy Updating + Pre bundled Plugins


  • data ==> contains files required for jenkins, configuration, jobs etc
  • logs ==> this where jenkins will spit out logs
  • conf ==> configuration that should be done to jenkins is driven through files in this folder
  • lib ==> this folder contains wrapper.jar and jenkins.war, and any other jars you want to make available to classpath
  • bin ==> binary executables are present here, based on you environment you have to execute one of the files in this directory


How do I change the port?

Modify the JenkinsRunnder/conf/wrapper.conf file (line number 31) as follows

For more details on properties, go to JSW website


jenkins_logo.png (image/png)