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This plugin pulls a diff from reviewboard request, applies the patch, builds it and reports the build status as a review comment

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The project integrates Jenkins with Reviewboard code review tool ( Jenkins will pick a diff submitted to Reviewboard, run a build, and report build results on the review request: either blessing the request or warning that it will break mainline if committed. This essentially allows to validate commits before they reach mainline, a feature available in GitHub pull requests (CloudBees), TeamCity and Gerrit. Unlike these tools, this project supports any source control system that Reviewboard supports (Git, SVN, Perforce), any hosting, and will require only Jenkins server configuration.

See the presentation at JUG Israel 2013.

How to use this plugin


Install Patch Parameter Plugin


1. In Jenkins configuration set URL of the reviewboard (just the name of the site, no /dashboard or any other suffixes, e.g., username and password. You can test the connection before saving.

2. Create or clone a job that you wish to run for each review request.

3. Check "This build is parameterized" and add review parameter

4. Also add a post-build action of posting build result to reviewboard

Save the configuration.

Custom patch application command

Since version 2.2 it is possible to use a different method to apply the patch (instead of the default diff4j). In the Reviewboard section of Jenkins global settings page, check "Disable Auto-Apply Patch"

Now the plugin will download the diff from Reviewboard and save it in the workspace file called patch.diff (as it did before). But unlike earlier versions, now the plugin will not apply the patch, unless you also add Apply Patch build step

This allows you to apply the patch differently, for example with a command line specific to your source control. This also allows you to perform actions between patch download and apply.

Configuration with Perforce

  • Because reviewboard includes the full Perforce path (i.e. //depot/project/branch/...) the Jenkins project checkout must include the full path in the workspace.

    //depot/project/branch/... //${JOB_NAME}-workspace/depot/project/branch/...
  • To allow the files to be patched, change the Perforce Option default of "noallwrite" to "allwrite".

Using the plugin

Now when you run the job, you will need to provide the URL for review request or review number, e.g. or just 12345.

After the job completes, the result of the run will be posted to review request like this:

Triggering the job


JENKINS=... e.g.
JOBNAME=... e.g. Reviewbot
REVIEW=... e.g.

curl -G -u $USER:$PASSWORD -d delay=0sec --data-urlencode review.url=$REVIEW $JENKINS/job/$JOBNAME/buildWithParameters


With Reviewboard 1.7 you should be able to use webhooks extension, but I didn't test it.

Polling with Jenkins

Create another job (free-style) and add a build step "Check for reviews..." to poll reviewboard

After version 2.0

The job will check for reviews in the specified repositories and/or targeted to Jenkins user. The invoked job must take review url parameter.

Prior to version 2.0

The job will check for reviews that are targeted to jenkins user directly or to groups to which the jenkins user belongs and have been updated in the X hours since the most recently updated review (relative time is used to work around the timezone problem of pre-1.7 Reviewboard). The reviews in which the diff has been changed, but the Jenkins user did not comment on since the last diff, will be tested with the job name provided here.

Backwards compatbility

To achieve the same behavior post 2.0, turn on  "Jenkins User" and leave repository selection at "any" option.

Configuring downstream jobs

When using review url parameter in a job, you can refer to its value by $REVIEW_URL, and use it with Parameterized Trigger Plugin.

Patch in Unified Format and multiple files support

If the diffs downloaded from Reviewboard are in the Unified Format (as is probably the case for Perforce using RBtools) the default patch option will fail  for reviews with multiple files. This is currently a limitation in diff4j. To solve that, use a Custom patch application (see above) such as the shell command "patch -p1 -u -i patch.diff"

patch(1) shell command sometimes return "...hunk FAILED"

There are legitimate reasons for this, for example if the file in the review was already changed on trunk, but Review Board also has a limitation where the CR/CRLF characters in the patch file are converted into LF. This makes patching fail in files with non Linux newline characters.

This Review Board bug is tracked in Issue 2916. Until it's fixed, one work around can be to convert the code with something like this before running the patch.

Working with branches

You can refer to $REVIEW_BRANCH to find out what branch was specified in the review. If none was specified, the value will be master.

Working with repositories

You can refer to $REVIEW_REPOSITORY to find out what repository the review was filed in. If none was specified, the value will be unknown.

Known limitations

  • It is recommended to run the polling job on master (didn't test on slave, suspect it might not work)
  • The internal custom patch application does not support patched in Unified Format with multiple files (it's a limitation in diff4j), see workaround above.* The internal custom patch application does not support patched in Unified Format with multiple files (it's a limitation in diff4j), see workaround above.


Version 2.2.x

Several enhancements were added:

  • support markdown in Reviewboard messages, instead of URL it will post Jenkins job name and number with a link - configurable per job;
  • repositories list cache in poller job can be disabled (useful if you add repositories after starting Jenkins) - configurable globally;
  • biggest improvement is probably the separation of diff download and patch application (has to be enabled with a global setting). What you can do now is apply the patch with an alternative command that you can define yourself as a build step. You can also combine other actions with the default diff4j patch application which is now available as a standard build action, so you can perform other steps before it.

Version 2.1

Ahead of build notification message is now optional, and can be disabled per job. The job now holds in memory which reviews has been already processed (builds spawned) in order to avoid build duplication.

Version 2.0

Option to poll for reviews in a specific repositories and more issues closed. Special thanks to Damien Nozay for his contributions!

Version 1.4.1 & 1.4.2

Authentication tweaks, fixed a bug with port number in preemptive authentication

Version 1.4

Fixed polling task to support Reviewboard 1.7 date format

Version 1.3

Support for concurrent builds, ahead of build notification message to reviewboard (from poller job) eliminates duplicate builds of same review 

Version 1.2

Support built-in polling

Version 1.1

Fixed several bugs (misplaced temp file caused permissions problem on Linux, improved API use and authentication, injected review url and branch parameters)

Version 1.0



The plugin was tested against Reviewboard version 1.6.13 and 1.7.6


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