Jenkins CIA Program

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What is Jenkins CIA?

Jenkins CIA stands for "Jenkins CI Ambassador", and is modeled after street teams. We call the street team members "CIA agents". The program logo is shown in the right.

The goal is to help/empower those who go to local meetups and spread the words of Jenkins.

How does it work?

This is a program to drum up the grass-root evangelism of Jenkins.

  • People interested in becoming CIA agents should send e-mail to Let us know when/where the event is in which Jenkins will be promoted, and how many people are expected in attendance. The event should be public, non-profit.
  • We'll ask them to do a guest post on as an advertisement of the event
  • We'll keep track of this in our calendar and Google Map.
  • We'll send them stickers for a give-away, a nice CIA T-shirt for the agent themselves, and a few standard slide decks that the agent can reuse (this last one is still a work in progress).
  • The agent will go speak about Jenkins, and make another guest post summarizing the event.
  • Repeat!

Work in progress

  • Standard slide deck, maintained in LibreOffice, with enough talking points notes.
    • One that does general intro
    • One for those who are new to CI. How to start automating your build, your test, etc.
  • Logo is still being revised.

Places our agents have visited

(This is just a sample, data is not real yet)

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