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0.2.0 (archives)
Sep 14, 2015
matrix-project (version:1.4)
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Peter Major (id: aldaris)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 3057
2014-Dec 3213
2015-Jan 3405
2015-Feb 3510
2015-Mar 3751
2015-Apr 3853
2015-May 3971
2015-Jun 4264
2015-Jul 4434
2015-Aug 4546
2015-Sep 4630
2015-Oct 4787

This plugin allows your team to setup build notifications to be sent to HipChat rooms.To enable notifications add "HipChat Notifications" as a post-build step.


After successfully installing the plugin, open up Manage Jenkins -> Configure System and look for Global HipChat Notifier Settings. The settings listed here in detail:

  • HipChat Server: The hostname (and optionally the port number) for the HipChat server in use. Note that the server will be always accessed via HTTPS. Defaults to api.hipchat.com for cloud installations.
  • Use v2 API: Whether to use HipChat v2 API when interacting with the HipChat server.
  • API Token: The API Token to be used when accessing HipChat API. When using v2 API, the API Token must be a valid OAuth2 token obtained as described in the v2 API documentation. When v2 API is disabled, the plugin will use v1 API to perform its operations. The v1 API requires API Tokens (which are different from OAuth2 tokens!). Note: the API token set here only serves as a default value for the job specific Auth Token setting.
  • Room: Serves as a default value, in case individual jobs did not specify a room explicitly. If more than one room needs to be notified use comma to separate the values.
  • Send As: When using the v1 API the value defined here will be used as the sender for the notification. The value must be less than 15 characters long.

To set up the plugin for an individual job, go to the job's configuration page and add the HipChat Notifications post-build action. The settings listed there are:

  • Auth Token: Use in case you have a room-specific token to override the globally set API Token.
  • Project Room: The comma separated list of rooms that needs to be notified about the build status.
  • Notification Settings: Enable individual notification type as needed for the different build states:** Notify Build Start** Notify Aborted** Notify Failure
    • Notify Not Built
    • Notify Success
    • Notify Unstable
    • Notify Back To Normal -> In case previous build result was FAILURE or UNSTABLE, but the current build was successful
  • Message templates: Set message templates for started/completed build status messages (see (?) for more details on the template format)


Version 1.0.0 (not yet released)

The plugin now requires at least Jenkins 1.580.1.

New Features:

  • Flexible notification configuration:
    • allow setting room notification, message template and notification color for each notification type (JENKINS-18127, JENKINS-28314, JENKINS-26974, #16, #54)
    • introduce default notifications (can be set under Global settings), which are only triggered if a job has no notifications set up (#30)
    • configuration stored in old format will keep on working
  • Expose failed and total test count in message templates, use $FAILED_TEST_COUNT and $TEST_COUNT respectively (#18)


  • Potential NPE when collecting changeset information from git repositories (#55)

Version 0.2.0 (Sept 14, 2015)


  • Fix help message for v2 setting (#41, JENKINS-27304)
  • space in room name resulted in failure with v2 API (#52)
  • ABORTED->SUCCESS didn't result in a BACK_TO_NORMAL notification (#51)
  • noProxyHost setting is not obeyed (JENKINS-29057)

New Features:

  • Improve error handling, output messages to build logs (#9)
  • Room name now can be parameterized (#44, JENKINS-22723)
  • Added extra validation for the "Send As" field with helpful error messages (#46)
  • Improved support for matrix builds, now it's possible to select how and when should the plugin send notifications for Matrix builds (#50)
  • JOB_DISPLAY_NAME macro is now available, should contain the project's display name similarly to pre 0.1.9 notifications (JENKINS-27712)
  • Explicitly enable TLSv* protocols for the outgoing SSL connections (#49)

Version 0.1.9 (Mar 9, 2015)


  • Room setting and notification selection should be per post-build task, not per build (#29, JENKINS-25908)
  • Job configuration won't get updated when global configuration changes (#31, #33, JENKINS-19184, JENKINS-26845)
  • No HipChat notification sent when build status change from "Unstable" to "Back To Normal" (JENKINS-25714)
  • The plugin should set HTTP connect/read timeouts (#22)
  • Incorrect path to help files for config pages (#35)

New Features:

  • Support for HipChat v2 & per-project auth token settings (#11)
  • Allow customization of notification messages (#25)
  • Use full project display name in notifications (#12)
  • Introduce a Test Configuration button on global config page (#24)
  • The configuration pages are now localizable


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