Jenkins : Help Wanted

The Jenkins project is always looking for more contributions. Here are some of the possible areas:

Core: Strategic Areas

  1. Personalization: notifications and UI should support more personalization. You should be able to subscribe any build notification in the form you like. Involves significant work in the core. What's cool: security and stapler, visible feedback on your work
  2. Intelligence: perform better test result analysis, especially around matrix testing. Analyze build/test failures and try to associate that with changes. What's cool: data-mining, smart heuristics

IDE Integration

IDE integration has a lot of interesting opportunities, like connecting test results with IDE, opening projects from Jenkins, and deferred commit.
What's cool: exposure to different technology set. Free-hand.

Maven & Jenkins

A lot of users are moving more and more toward Maven, so a better support for Maven in Jenkins is desirable

  1. Repository browser for Jenkins artifacts
  2. Maven release handling
  3. Maven site support

Gradle & Jenkins

Doing a similar integration that we do for Maven would be useful.

Distributed SCM (Mercurial,git,etc) & Jenkins

Distributed SCMs like git/Mercurial is picking up a steam, and a real distributed SCM has a lot of synergy with Jenkins. So investments in this area will likely be fruitful in the future:

  1. Making Jenkins job a hg repository. In this way a repository can be constantly built/tested, and clone is as easy as job copy
  2. Repository browsing within Jenkins

Community Development

  1. Start a regular Jenkins newsletter that summarizes current development efforts, major plugin releases, maybe list users who have committed code since the last newsletter, or bug fix statistics.
  2. Blog aggregation, with Google Reader: tag posts by random people and aggregate them in a single feed

QA tools

  1. Build a mechanism to utilize VMs to be able to exercise some parts of Jenkins.
  2. Include code coverage from plugin test execution in the core's coverage report
  3. Participate in the LTS testing effort.


  1. localize core and plugins to your own language
  2. develop or integrate tools that show the degree of translation per language, as an incentive for l10n contributors.


  1. Better monitoring&management. Monitor resource utilization, report where to add more resources
  2. Wake-on-lan support for greener computing