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Plugin Information

Plugin ID gravatar Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
2.1 (archives)
May 05, 2014
mailer (version:1.5)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Pull Requests
Open Issues
Pull Requests
Erik Ramfelt (id: redsolo)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 2676
2014-Dec 2645
2015-Jan 2728
2015-Feb 2745
2015-Mar 2878
2015-Apr 2835
2015-May 2836
2015-Jun 2913
2015-Jul 2979
2015-Aug 2925
2015-Sep 3074
2015-Oct 3044

This plugins shows Gravatar avatars instead of the generic user image.


Install the plugin on a Jenkins instance running at least 1.434, and it will automatically show Gravatars for the users that has an email and a Gravatar. No configuration except installing the plugin.


The plugin will re-check every 30 minutes to see if any user has configured a gravatar. So if you have configured a gravatar and it does not show up, please wait at least 30 minutes before thinking its a bug.


Version 2.1 (2014-05-05)

  • Upgrade for making the plugin work in recent jenkins installations having mailer-plugin (no longer in core)

Version 2.0 (2014-05-03)

  • Complete rewrite for better handling of large user bases (caching and lazy resolving)

Version 1.1 (2011-11-18)

  • Initial version


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