Jenkins : Google Summer of Code 2009

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Program Timeline

See the official info for more details.

  • 3/9-3/13 : we apply
  • 3/18-4/3 : student application. Expect some interaction with applicants.
  • 4/15 : mentor/student match up complete
  • 5/23-8/10 : hack, hack, hack
  • 8/24 : final evaluation deadline

Project ideas

People who said they can be listed as mentors

  • Kohsuke Kawaguchi (
  • Michael Donohue (
  • Stephen Connolly
  • Jesse Glick
  • Ullrich Hafner
  • Alan Harder (only as a back up "generally around to help" mentors)

    Please add your own name if you are willing


Building up the application form here.

Describe your organization

The Hudson project develops a continuous integration server that monitors changes in the source code repository, manages build and test execution, and aggregate results. With 120+ committers from all over the world working on 100+ plugins, Hudson became one of the biggest project on

Why is your organization applying to participate in GSoC 2009? What do you hope to gain by participating?

We are interested in increasing the active contributers with fresh mindsets, and we thought GSoC would be an excellent opportunity for us to do that.

Did your organization participate in past GSoCs? If so, please summarize your involvement and the successes and challenges of your participation.

No. This is our first year.

If your organization has not previously participated in GSoC, have you applied in the past? If so, for what year(s)?

No. This is our first year.

What license(s) does your project use?

The MIT license.

What is the URL for your ideas page?

What is the main development mailing list or forum for your organization?

What is the main IRC channel for your organization?

#hudson at

Does your organization have an application template you would like to see students use? If so, please provide it now.

No. E-mail in English to the dev list would do.

Who will be your backup organization administrator? Please include Google Account information.
Who will your mentors be? Please include Google Account information.
What criteria did you use to select these individuals as mentors? Please be as specific as possible.

We started with active developers of the project with a long and proven history of contributions. They know the code well, and they know how the community works. Many of them have prior mentoring experience in projects outside Hudson.

What is your plan for dealing with disappearing students?

If some students abandon the project, there's not much point in trying to convince them otherwise. That said, we'll encourage them to commit code even when they are not working, so that we can get the sense of where they are better, and we'll try to check in with them periodically to keep them engaged.

What is your plan for dealing with disappearing mentors?

We have 1 backup mentor who would pitch in if some of the listed mentors become unavaiable for some reasons.

What steps will you take to encourage students to interact with your project's community before, during and after the program?

Almost every developer of the project works remotely from each other, so we are all used to the distributed nature of the project. We'd like students to join the dev/users list and the IRC channel, and we hope to see them on our instant messengers. During this GSoC term, we have a big community event (JavaOne) in which Hudson is a part. Perhpaps we could bring students in this meeting to meet us in person.

In Hudson, the project is arranged such that new plugins could be exposed for the public use, even if they are unstable. We'll create a component in the issue tracker for the work, so that they see feedbacks to them. We'll encourage students to release early, so that he/she can interact with users.

What will you do to ensure that your accepted students stick with the project after GSoC concludes?

We'd like students to feel ownership to the part of the code that he worked on. Again, we knew from our past experience that the plugin-based project structure makes this easy. And let's hope the joy of having other people use your work would be a reward enough for them to stick to the project.