Jenkins : Google Container Registry Auth Plugin

Plugin Information

View Google Container Registry Auth on the plugin site for more information.

Google Container Registry Auth Plugin

This plugin allows the credential provider to use Google Cloud Platform OAuth Credentials (provided by the Google OAuth Credentials plugin) to access Docker images from Google Container Registry (GCR).


This plugin supports both kinds of credentials provided by Google OAuth Credentials plugin : Google Service Account from metadata as well as Google Service Account from private key.

As of this writing, it has been verified that this plugin can be used together with Docker Build Step Plugin and CloudBees Docker Custom Build Environment Plugin. These plugins will be able to retrieve the credential provided by this plugin, and then use it to authenticate against GCR to pull/push Docker images. Other plugins that rely on credentials provider or Docker Commons Plugin (preferred than Credentials Plugin) to provide credentials will also be able to utilize this credential provider plugin to pull images from or push images to GCR.


The instruction below uses Docker Build Step Plugin as an example to show how this plugin can be used to provide credentials for the former plugin to authenticate against GCR to perform pull/push.

  • Install Docker Build Step Plugin, and configure it accordingly. Note that do not forget to configure its global configurations, which includes the Docker server's address.
  • Configure your OAuth credentials per instructions from Google OAuth Plugin, using the service account that has read/write access to your Google Container Registry.
  • Note that the credentials provided by this plugin will not show up in the drop-down list when you add credentials. It merely wraps a Google Oauth credential.
  • Install this plugin, then on Jenkins' global configuration page, under "Google Container Registry", set the correct Google Container Registry server address. By default, it is ",*" (Do not include schemes such as "https://").
  • In your Jenkins job, add a build step "Execute Docker Container", and choose either "pull image" or "Push image" as your docker command (other docker commands don't require credentials so they are not relevant to this plugin). Enter image name, tag and registry. In the "Docker registry URL" field, by default you should enter "". The value in this field should match the value in "Google Container Registry" Server Address field in global configuration, but with the scheme (such as https://) added. Its exact value (the part after "https://") should be decided by the registry of your docker image.
  • In the "Docker Credential" dropdown, select your account marked as "Google Container Registry Account".
  • Save your configuration and run your job.

Version History

Version 0.1 (June 11, 2015)

  • Initial release

    Version 0.2 (July 14, 2015)

  • Hide this credential from "Add Credentials" drop-down list. This credentials merely wraps around Google Oauth credential, you should add the corresponding Oauth credential in "Add Credentials".
  • Integrate with Docker Commons Plugin