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Plugin Information

Plugin ID git-parameter Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
0.4.0 (archives)
Jan 16, 2015
credentials (version:1.9.4)
git (version:2.3.4)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Niklaus Giger (id: ngiger)
Łukasz Miłkowski (id: lukanus)
Usage Installations 2014-Mar 3840
2014-Apr 3978
2014-May 4262
2014-Jun 4371
2014-Jul 4774
2014-Aug 4885
2014-Sep 5136
2014-Oct 5519
2014-Nov 5606
2014-Dec 5641
2015-Jan 5978
2015-Feb 6217

This plugin allows you to choose between Git tags or sha1 of your SCM repository so Git Plugin installed is required.

Plugin Info

This plugin allows you to assign git tag or revision number as parameter in Parametrized builds.
There is no need to set up anything special, this plugin will read your default configuration from Git Plugin.

It firstly fetching (by git fetch) current repository, and listing all the tags/sha1's to choose from.

You can select the following sorting options for tags/revision/branches/branches_or_tags

  • none
  • descending
  • ascending
  • ascending smart
  • descending smart

For the smart variants the compare treats a sequence of digits as a single character. Contributed by Graeme Hill.

Known Limitations / Bugs

  • You must first trigger a build if your workspace is empty. The list to choose from will be empty.
  • git parameter plugin doesn't support Jenkins slave setup with git repos checked out only on slaves see Issue


01/16/2015 Version 0.4.0

  • Possibility to select branch, tag or branch (Alban Dericbourg)
  • Keep complex logics in jelly as less as possible (Yestin Sun)
  • support folders (Nicolas De Loof)
  • Minimized pom.xml as suggested by Jesse Glick
  • Removed LICENSE.txt as suggested by Jesse Glick

05/14/14 Version 0.3.2

User visible changes are:

  • Updated help texts for configuration and when selecting your tag/revision
  • Runs a fetch each time the user enters the "Build with parameter".
  • Run clone when fetch fails on workspace empty (Gabor Liptak)
  • Merging SortMode from graeme-hill
  • With an empty workspace the tags are calculated after we made a checkout. This may take a long time.

Changes relevant to developer

  • Added MIT-LICENSE.txt to use the same license as Jenkins-CI.
  • Added Contributors.textile
  • Display month not minutes in date. Add Display only first 8 chars of SHA1 (Niklaus Giger)
  • Add backup pluginRepository (Gabor Liptak)
  • Use GitTool to query configured location of the git executable (gliptak)
  • Upgrade to git 2.2.0. (christ66)
  • Build against latest stable Jenkins-CI version 1.554.1
  • New co-maintainer/developer Niklaus Giger (id ngiger)
  • Version 0.3 and 0.3.1 never made it to the distribution, because of problems with the release mechanism.

02/21/12 Version 0.2

  • Corrected error - plugin wasn't showing anything after change of main Git Plugin
  • Corrected major dis-functionality - plugin now it showing revisions only from correct job/project.
  • Adding support for choosing branch from which revisions/tags are returned

11/01/11 Version 0.1

  • Initial Release


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