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Plugin Information

Plugin ID git-parameter Changes In Latest Release
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Latest Release
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Feb 21, 2012
git (version:1.1.15)
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Issue Tracking
Open Issues
��ukasz Mi��kowski (id: lukanus)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 2428
2013-May 2492
2013-Jun 2618
2013-Jul 2788
2013-Aug 2928
2013-Sep 3036
2013-Oct 3302
2013-Nov 3248
2013-Dec 3277
2014-Jan 3509
2014-Feb 3629
2014-Mar 3840

This plugin allows you to choose between Git tags or sha1 of your SCM repository so Git Plugin installed is required.

Plugin Info

This plugin allows you to assign git tag or revision number as parameter in Parametrized builds.
There is no need to set up anything special, this plugin will read your default configuration from Git Plugin.

It firstly fetching (by git fetch) current repository, and listing all the tags/sha1's to choose from.

Known Limitations / Bugs

  • For now, plugin is showing all tags in the repository, so if someone had jenkins git plugin tagging all the commits, the list will be pretty messed up. It will be probably supporting tag filter for it in future
  • I want to see something more that just git's revision id of the commit, so I added commit author and date, sometimes git plugin returns for me shorter list of info, and different things appears there, but after all it works just fine. Should be corrected later.
  • There is a problem when you want to build your project for a first time and you don't have any suitable workspace which works with git, then the list to chose from is empty, but it will work after the first build


02/21/12 Version 0.2

  • Corrected error - plugin wasn't showing anything after change of main Git Plugin
  • Corrected major dis-functionality - plugin now it showing revisions only from correct job/project.
  • Adding support for choosing branch from which revisions/tags are returned

11/01/11 Version 0.1

  • Initial Release


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