Jenkins : GAV-Repository mapping

There's a machine generated CSV file that captures all the past Maven releases from all Jenkins plugins in the GitHub Jenkins CI org.
(In the future, we may extend this to all Maven artifacts related to Jenkins, not just plugins.)

This file is one of the useful inputs for doing bulk-processing of the Jenkins plugins.

This file consists of the following field:


These are as defined in Maven, representing a specific version of a specific plugin. Jenkins uses artifactId as a plugin short name.


The packaging specified in Maven POM. For Jenkins plugin, this should be all "hpi".


GitHub repository name in the Jenkins CI org. For example, if this is "xyz", you can check out the source code via


Git tag in the repository where the release came from.


Sometimes, the Maven module that produces a plugin isn't located at the top of the Git repository. A good example of this is the FindBugs plugin, where the Jenkins plugin comes from "plugin" subdirectory. In those case, the "path" field is "/plugin".

If the Maven module sits at the root of the Git repository, the "path" field is set to "" (as in the case of the Git plugin.