Jenkins : Fyre Cloud Plugin

Setting up Jenkins with Fyre to provision slaves

Getting started

  1. In order to provision new nodes when Jenkins load goes high, administrator needs to configure Cloud and one or more Templates on global configuration page. Cloud represents connection to particular Fryre  tenant (project). In order to use several Fyre  instances or tenants, it is necessary to configure several Clouds in Jenkins. Template can be seen as a definition of particular kind of node. Template is the primary holder of all the attributes for Fyre machine to be provisioned (image, flavor, etc.) as well as for Jenkins node (number of executors, etc.). Note that the same set of attributes can be configured on Cloud level as well. Such configuration will be then used as default for its templates. For example, if all nodes are supposed to use the same key-pair there is no need to state it in every template, it can be configured on cloud level and leave the filed blank in the templates.