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Plugin Information

Plugin ID fitnesse Changes In Latest Release
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1.12 (archives)
Mar 31, 2015
maven-plugin (version:1.512)
git (version:1.5.0)
subversion (version:1.45)
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timbacon (id: prime8)
Usage Installations 2014-May 857
2014-Jun 839
2014-Jul 894
2014-Aug 876
2014-Sep 881
2014-Oct 918
2014-Nov 942
2014-Dec 910
2015-Jan 989
2015-Feb 985
2015-Mar 1039
2015-Apr 1041

This plugin can be used to both execute and report on FitNesse tests so that they can be integrated into a Jenkins build.
Contributions are welcome, both bug fixes and new features. Just raise a pull request via GitHub.

CI Server



  • You could define a JDK installation (not mandatory). All JDKs will be available in the job configuration.

Slave node

  • If your job runs on a slave and launch FitNesse, you should add the HOST_NAME environment variable in slave configuration and set its value to the slave’s hostname or IP.

  • You could also override JDK location used, by set a Tool location:

or by overridden JAVA_HOME environment variable.


Project settings in build step

  • For existing FitNesse instance: host and port where FitNesse is running

  • For new FitNesse instance:
    • JDK: selected JDK, JVM args and Java working directory
    • Paths: fitnesse.jar and FitNesseRoot path
    • Fitnesse: port use and command line args

  • In all cases:
    • Target page
    • HTTP and test timeout
    • Results file name

Project settings in post-build step

  • Results file name: the name of the result file ; if there is several files, you can use wildcards.


  • On project page : a new chart with result trend and a little summary

  • All tests result in a page:

  • And finally, captured details of a test:


  • Run fitnesse tests using "-c" option when starting new fitnesse instance
  • Add more control over fitnesse start-up params
  • Using glob to collect (potentially) multiple results.xml files
  • Nest Sub-suites and tests-within-suites within the uber-parent FitnesseResults instance
  • Allow direct URL access to sub-suites and tests-within-suites so that every level can have its history graph
  • Run multiple test suites from one project configuration

Change Log

  • 1.13 (2015-06-02)
    •  Fixed: manage FitNesse old versions (without summary and page duration in XML result) 
    • Improve FitNesse History page: reverse column order & add sort on column header
    • Fixed: use FitNesse plugin with contionnal steps(multiple) plugin (JENKINS-21636)
  • 1.12 (2015-03-31)
    • Improve captured detail renderer (use FitNesse CSS & JS)
    • Added: FitNesse tests history page (pull request)
    • Fixed: execution of test page (pull request)
  • 1.11 (2014-11-10)
    • Improve result table and captured detail renderer (pull request)
  • 1.10 (2014-10-27)
    • Fixed: avoid OOM on hudge result files (pull request)
    • Fixed: support Jenkins slave with a different OS than master's one (pull request)
    • Fixed: avoid NPE when no JDK is defined in global configuration (pull request)
    • Added: retrieve and display duration for all tests (pull request)
    • Fixed: test port availability to check if FitNesse is started instead of scraping stdout (pull request)
  • 1.9 (2014-03-26)
    • Fixed: launch FitNesse if no JDK is configured in Jenkins (pull request)
    • Improve performance on huge result file (pull request)
  • 1.8 (2013-10-21)
  • 1.7
    • Fixed: avoid NPE when build aborts prematurely and produces no results (pull request)
    • Use the HTTP timeout inside the connection (pull request)
    • Don't show broken image when no test results are available (pull request)
  • 1.6
    • Added support for multiple FitNesse reports and drilling down into HTML output (pull request)
  • 1.5
    • Report exceptions as failures
    • Upgrade minimum Jenkins version from 1.353 to 1.401 to benefit from bug fixes in hudson.Proc
    • Added support for FitNesse options -d, -r & -p.
  • 1.4
    • Added ability to specify path to fitnesse.jar and path to FitNesseRoot relative to the workspace
  • 1.3.1
    • Fixed bug where counts with X right and Y ignores were being treated as ignored not right
  • 1.3
    • Added ability to specify HTTP timeout (default: 60,000 ms)
    • Added ability to specify java working directory (default: location of fitnesse.jar)
    • Added page or suite name to build page summary link
  • 1.2
    • Added prettier tabular format for results
    • Results file without path will be written to / read from workspace
    • Log incremental console output as FitNesse results are coming in over HTTP
    • Fixed: Unable to unpack fitnesse.jar
    • Fixed: Build hangs when http get stalls
    • Fixed: Unexpected EOF while reading http bytes catch IOException
  • 1.1
    • Fixed: unable to parse xml with BOM: error "content is not allowed in prolog"
  • 1.0
    • Brand new


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