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Plugin Information

Plugin ID favorite Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
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Required Core
1.16 (archives)
Jul 05, 2013
token-macro (version:1.5.1, optional)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Larry Shatzer, Jr. (id: lshatzer)
Usage Installations 2014-Mar 1299
2014-Apr 1327
2014-May 1314
2014-Jun 1329
2014-Jul 1389
2014-Aug 1381
2014-Sep 1433
2014-Oct 1421
2014-Nov 1407
2014-Dec 1383
2015-Jan 1442
2015-Feb 1424

This plugin allows you to mark a job a favorite. This is controlled via a list view column you need to add to a view. You can then click on a star to favorite or unfavorite a job. There is also a job filter to allow you to create a view that only shows your favorites.


It is recommended you change your default view to either one you create, or follow the directions in Editing or Replacing the All View to allow the Favorite column to show up. Once you have the Favorite column, it will show a star that logged in users will be able to click to make a favorite. You can also add another view, and apply the "Favorites Filter" to show favorites only in that view.

Change Log

  V1.16 @ 2013-07-05

  • Fix issue with links in folders.

   V1.15 @ 2013-07-03

   V1.14 @ 2013-05-29

  • Support Cloudbees Folders plugin
  • Use PNG instead of GIF images
  • Prevent use for Matrix configurations

   V1.13 @ 2012-09-11

  • Fix problem with project page action when "Display Name" is used.

   V1.12 @ 2012-09-10

  • Fixing favorite link on project pages where the root URL was something other than just /

   V1.10 @ 2012-09-07

  • Column sorting will now work correctly.

   V1.9 @ 2012-06-21

  • Use a Token Macro of ${FAVORITE_USERS_EMAIL} that will expand to a list of users who have marked that job a favorite. This can be used in the Email-ext plugin
  • Fix issue for unauthenticated users sometimes seeing all jobs on a "Favorites" view.

   V1.8 @ 2012-06-19

  • Prevent NullPointerException in some cases during startup

   V1.7 @ 2012-05-18

  • Encode Project names for URLs

   V1.6 @ 2011-11-29

  • Japanese translation
  • Ability to add/remove favorites from job page
  • Update to Jenkins & GitHub

   V1.5 @ 2010-10-27

  • Fixed issue when saving user, a null pointer exception was thrown.

   V1.4 @ 2010-09-14

  • Add ItemListener to automatically delete or rename favorites from users that have that job as a favorite.

   V1.3 @ 2010-09-07

   V1.2 @ 2010-09-03

  • Allow you from the user configuration page to see favorites, and remove them. Admins will be able to use this feature as well.

   V1.1 @ 2010-09-01

  • Fixed a few bugs when no favorites existed for a user.

   V1.0 @ 2010-08-31

  • initial release


Larry Shatzer


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