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Plugin Information

Plugin ID fail-the-build-plugin Changes In Latest Release
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1.0 (archives)
Jul 18, 2011
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Usage Installations 2014-Mar 927
2014-Apr 954
2014-May 958
2014-Jun 996
2014-Jul 1039
2014-Aug 1057
2014-Sep 1095
2014-Oct 1140
2014-Nov 1183
2014-Dec 1184
2015-Jan 1258
2015-Feb 1280

Change log


  • Set or change the status of a build
    This plugin is provided to help test the behaviour of your Jenkins configuration.
    Use this plugin to test notifiers, publishers, promotions, build pipelines ...
You can only make the build result worse than it is at the point the build step runs!


This plugin is compatible with any version of Jenkins (1.396+)


Install from the Plugin Manager (Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins) under "Build Tools".

To install manually, download the latest plugin from and use the Upload Plugin option in the Advanced tab of the Plugin Manager.


Add the build step, by clicking "Add build step" and selecting "Set the build result"


Select the status that you want. Options are Success, Unstable, Failed, Aborted, and Cycle.

Selecting Cycle will cause the result to cycle based on the build number. Image of Build history with Cycle selected below.

Advanced options

Click the Advanced button to enable the results to be set for specific build numbers.

Success, Unstable, Failed, Aborted

For each result, a list of build numbers for which it should be set instead of the value in the Result drop down.

Change log

1.0 (18/07/2011)

  • Initial release
Questions, Comments, Bugs and Feature Requests
Please post questions or comments about this plugin to the Jenkins User mailing list.
To report a bug or request an enhancement to this plugin please create a ticket in JIRA.


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