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Plugin Information

Plugin ID excludeMatrixParent Changes In Latest Release
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1.1 (archives)
Jun 08, 2011
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Vojtech Juranek (id: vjuranek)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 101
2014-Dec 92
2015-Jan 100
2015-Feb 97
2015-Mar 104
2015-Apr 101
2015-May 112
2015-Jun 116
2015-Jul 104
2015-Aug 108
2015-Sep 107
2015-Oct 115

This plugin exclude flyweight task to be run on given slave. 
This plugin can also be used as a workaround for JENKINS-5076. 

This plugin adds an "Exclude matrix parents to run on this slave" option to a slave's configuration page. When this option is checked matrix parents are not launched on this slave. This could be useful in a case where you are using this slave for performance tests, and you want to be sure that only the performance test is executed on this slave.


Release 1.1 (2011-06-08)
  • Fixed grammar
Release 1.0 (2011-02-10)
  • Initial release


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