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Plugin ID envfile Changes In Latest Release
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Aug 05, 2011
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Anders Johansson (id: ajoajoajo)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 1483
2013-May 1503
2013-Jun 1494
2013-Jul 1570
2013-Aug 1524
2013-Sep 1564
2013-Oct 1561
2013-Nov 1585
2013-Dec 1553
2014-Jan 1646
2014-Feb 1695
2014-Mar 1773

This plugin enables you to set environment variables via a file. The file's format must be the standard Java property file format.

Superseded by the EnvInject Plugin?

The property file is always retrieved from the file system of the Jenkins master node, even in distributed setups with slave nodes.

You can reference already defined environment variables both to specify the path to the property file, in a job's configuration, and in property values, in the property file.

When referencing properties you must always use the syntax $EnvVarName, regardless of the operating system where Jenkins is running.

Here is an example of a property reference in EnvFile's configuration:

Note: You can reference environment variables already defined by the SetEnv plugin.


Version 1.2 (8/5/2011)
  • Update for Jenkins
  • Japanese localization
Version 1.1 (10/20/2010)
Version 1.0 (01/23/2010)
  • Added functionality to resolve variables against hudson-variables.
Version 0.9 (01/22/2010)
  • Initial release.


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