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Description Column Plugin

Plugin Information

Plugin ID description-column-plugin Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
1.3 (archives)
Aug 26, 2011
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Axel Haustant (id: noirbizarre)
Usage Installations 2014-Feb 751
2014-Mar 733
2014-Apr 749
2014-May 768
2014-Jun 789
2014-Jul 808
2014-Aug 828
2014-Sep 825
2014-Oct 842
2014-Nov 849
2014-Dec 856
2015-Jan 890

Provide job description column for views.


Create a new view by clicking on the "+" tab, select list view as type and name it. At the bottom of the configuration page of the new view you can add the Description column.
If you want to add columns to the All view, follow the guide on the Editing or Replacing the All View wiki page.

You can optionnaly choose to trim the description to a certain amount of lines by checking the appropriate checkbox and setting the request amount.
The trimming is done on <br/> tags


Coming soon.


1.3 (26 Aug, 2011)

  • Allow to display the job name above the description.
  • Added french localization.

1.2 (20 Aug, 2011)

  • Allow to limit the number of lines to display.
  • Display the full description as tooltip.
  • Added help on configuration.
  • Added some basic tests.

1.1 (14 Aug, 2011)

  • Fix pom.xml

1.0 (13 Aug, 2011)

  • initial implementation


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