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Plugin Information

Plugin ID deploy-websphere Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
1.0 (archives)
Jun 02, 2010
deploy (version:1.5)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Antonio Sanso (id: asanso)
Usage Installations 2014-Feb 503
2014-Mar 506
2014-Apr 532
2014-May 535
2014-Jun 524
2014-Jul 589
2014-Aug 593
2014-Sep 596
2014-Oct 605
2014-Nov 590
2014-Dec 615
2015-Jan 603


This plugin is an extension of the Deploy Plugin. It takes a war/ear file and deploys that to a running remote WebSphere Application Server at the end of a build.
The plugin currently supports:

  • WebSphere Application Server 6.1 (with security disabled)


To run this plugin against a Jenkins installation, the following extra step need to be taken:

  • The following WAS JAR files need to be placed into the Hudson class path or dropped into the %project.basedir%/WEB-INF/lib/  directory. These JAR files can be copied from the %WAS_HOME%/runtimes/ directory of your WAS server installation.

Failure to follow the above steps will mean the plugin will not operate.

User guide

Release Plan

  • WebSphere Application Server 6.1/7 (with security disabled) (DONE)
  • WebSphere Application Server 6.1/7 (with security enabled) (soon)
  • WebSphere Portal Server 6.1 (soon)

Known Issues

Version history

Version 1.0 (Jun 2, 2010)

  • Initial release : WebSphere Application Server 6.1 (with security disabled)


How disable WAS security

  1. Open admin console: Start -> Programs -> IBM Websphere -> Application Server -> Profiles-> <SERVER_NAME> -> First Steps -> Administrative Console.
  2. Login and proceed: Security -> Secure administration, applications, and infrastructur.
  3. Clear "Enable administrative security" checkbox under Administrative security.
  4. Apply, save settings, restart WAS.

The plugin executes without exceptions but it does not do anything

This plugin depends on Deploy Plugin. The last version of the Deploy Plugin (1.5) seems to have some issue affecting also the Deploy WebSphere plugin. Downgrading the Deploy Plugin to version 1.4 should solve the problem.


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