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Plugin Information

Plugin ID cron_column Changes In Latest Release
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Jul 06, 2010
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Eelco de Vlieger (id: eelco_de_vlieger)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 1631
2013-May 1620
2013-Jun 1632
2013-Jul 1700
2013-Aug 1736
2013-Sep 1752
2013-Oct 1786
2013-Nov 1787
2013-Dec 1754
2014-Jan 1825
2014-Feb 1879
2014-Mar 1954

Cron Column

View column showing the cron trigger expressions that can be configured on a job
(Subversion, Scheduled Builds, etc.)This is a ListViewColumn plugin that adds a column to a jobs overview page.
The column displays the cron-like expression of each Trigger that can be configured on a job (Subversion, Scheduled Builds etc).

Plugin Source:

How to Use

Once you have installed this plugin, you still have to update a view to add this column.  The pages Changing the Columns of a View and Editing or Replacing the All View will show you how.


Version 1.003 (6 Jul, 2010)

  • Plugin now works with other project types (previously only worked with Freestyle Projects)


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