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Plugin Information

Plugin ID conditional-buildstep Changes In Latest Release
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Required Core
Nov 13, 2013
maven-plugin (version:1.480.3)
run-condition (version:1.0)
token-macro (version:1.5.1)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Dominik Bartholdi (id: imod)
Bap (id: bap)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 3207
2013-May 3423
2013-Jun 3698
2013-Jul 4022
2013-Aug 4266
2013-Sep 4484
2013-Oct 4792
2013-Nov 5582
2013-Dec 6098
2014-Jan 6854
2014-Feb 7464
2014-Mar 8186

A buildstep wrapping any number of other buildsteps, controlling their execution based on a defined condition.


This plugin requires the TokenMacro Plugin and the Run Condition Plugin to be installed!

  • Ever wanted to have more control whether a step should be executed or not?
  • Want to reduce the number of jobs doing nearly the same thing?

Add a conditional buildstep which acts as a container. It will allow you to define a condition controling the execution of the step(s).


There are multiple conditions one can choose of, these are all defined by the Run Condition Plugin

Missing builder
If you're not able to add the builder of your choice within a conditional build step (because it's not available within the dropdown), then this is likely because the builder does not provide a @DataBoundConstructor constructor and/or the Descriptor does not extend hudson.tasks.BuildStepDescriptor. For non programmers: the plugin you would like to use does not yet follow the newest Jenkins coding guidelines. Without this, the conditional buildstep plugin is not able to work with it.

Conditional step (single)

This build step allows you to select any build step and define a condition to control whether the step should be executed.
For reasons why you might want to use this step, see Why use Conditional step (single)?

Conditional steps (multiple)

A 'Conditional steps (multiple)' container is able to contain any number of any other buildsteps (e.g. Shell, Ant, Maven,...) and you can have any number of 'Conditional Steps' containers, each configured with a different condition.


please check out the examples at the Run Condition Plugin

Known issues

Version History

1.3.3 (13. Nov. 2013)

  • fix JENKINS-20543 fix "NoSuchMethodError: org.jenkinsci.plugins.conditionalbuildstep.ConditionalBuildStepHelper.getContainedBuilders()"

1.3.2 (10. Nov.2013)

  • add helper (ConditionalBuildStepHelper) to support working with wrapped build steps to support JENKINS-18967
  • enhance ConditionalBuildStepHelper to also return pre- and post builders from a maven project

1.3 (16. July 2013)

1.2.2 (2. June 2013)

  • fix JENKINS-17836 exception if there is no builder defined within the conditional build step

1.2.1 (1. Nov 2012)

  • Fix JENKINS-13871 Using "Conditional build step" and "Parameterized build step" in same step is preventing parallel executions of same job

1.2 (11. Okt 2012)

  • Fix JENKINS-14118 show builds triggered through "Conditional buildstep" plugin reported as downstream builds for the current build.

1.1 (6. May 2012)

  • Fix JENKINS-13618 Unable to use multiple Conditional Steps in the Prebuild section of Multi configuration job

1.0 (31. March 2012)

0.0.3 (31. Dec. 2011)

  • Fix JENKINS-12036 - conditional buildsteps does not support matrix build

0.0.2 (14. Nov. 2011)


  • initial

Help and Support

For Help and support please use the Jenkins Users mailing list or the Issue tracker (JIRA).


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plugin-builder plugin-builder Delete
plugins-misc plugins-misc Delete
plugin plugin Delete
runcondition-consumer runcondition-consumer Delete
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