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Jenkins project creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi works for CloudBees, a company that offers professional support and commercial functionality for Jenkins:

  • Hosted Jenkins (DEV@cloud) -- use the cloud to instantly spin up and scale as much Jenkins as you need, and spend less time administering

SCM-Manager Universe

TRIOLOGY GmbH offers the free virtual appliance SCM-Manager Universe. SCM-Manager Universe is a Linux based virtual machine, which integrates source code management, bugtracking and continuous integration with Jenkins in one completely preconfigured system. Learn more about our commercial support offerings at our website.


DevelopIntelligence provides customized on-site CI / Jenkins training, TDD training, Apache training, and other open source training courses for teams. Explore the website for more information.


NIS, offers support, traning and consulting on Continuous Integration, Apache Maven and Jenkins in Italy. offers support and training for a wide range of open source Technologies including Jenkins in Germany, Austria & Switzerland. The Trainings are offered as public courses and Company courses.

Frank Eckert EDV-Service

Frank Eckert EDV-Service offers support and consulting on Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, Apache Maven, Redmine, Subversion, CVS and Jenkins in Germany.


Zenika offers support, traning and consulting on Continuous Integration, Apache Maven, Gradle and Jenkins in France, United Kingdom and Greece.

Tikal Knowledge

Tikal offers support, consulting and training for Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Configuration Management in Israel, with best of breed community editions, such as Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, Sonar, SVN, GIT, Bugzilla and more.


If something is broken - we can fix it!
If you miss a feature - we can implement it!
If you are looking for help to implement your Continuous Delivery pipeline - we're it!

We can serve you in various different ways:

  • We can work from case to case at a fixed price: No cure no pay!
  • We can offer you a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that takes all the heat off your shouldes. We can start Today!
  • We develop plugins all the time - we can create the plugin you miss and deliver it to the community, at a fixed price and with 12 month warranty on the delivered features! 

Contact us for help - it's not gonna cost you a dime to pop the question and get a quote. 

Read more... offers consulting and training that set you on a path to create, maintain and extend sustainable software of high quality with PHP and leverage Jenkins to monitor the various aspects of software quality.

GFU Cyrus AG

GFU Cyrus AG in Cologne, Germany offers training on Maven, Subversion and also for Continuous Integration with Jenkins.

Centrum Systems (Australia)

Are you facing these challenges as you try to meet your delivery commitments?

  • It takes a long time for projects or new development resources to become productive.
  • Inability to scale resources or development partners to meet business demands.
  • Inconsistent quality of software deliverables across project teams or suppliers.
  • Error prone manual build processes which are difficult to scale
  • Inconsistent application of tools and processes resulting in key resource dependencies.
  • Dependency on hero factor in software deployments – asking too much of individuals to successfully implement software.
  • Uncertainty around the impact of change
  • Lack of visibility of the quality or status of change until late in the delivery lifecycle.
  • Spiralling costs of change due to ever increasing technical debt

Centrum have developed an offering we call Software Delivery Mastery (SDM). We can help in the following areas:

  • Software build process
  • Continuous integration
  • Deployment automation
  • Automated inspection and testing
  • Environment provisioning and configuration management
  • Project inception / developer on-boarding.

For information about how we can help you please contact us or visit


Cybercom offers consulting, training and development within Continuous Integration, Automated Build, Automated Test,  Configuration Management, Maven, GIT, Subversion, Clearcase and much much more.
We are located in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, India and Singapore.
We have a proven track record from many large international companies as well as from local companies.

For more information visit our website or contact me (johan.bengtsson at


TupiLabs offers support, training and consulting on Continuous Integration, Jenkins, plug-ins development and an Open Source bioinformatics solution based on Jenkins, called BioUno. It is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ozgur Yazilim A.S.

Ozgur Yazilim A.S. offers support, training and consulting on many free software, including Jenkins. They integrate Jenkins with Maven, Nexus, GIT or Subversion, Redmine, CMS and many other open source software. The company is located in Turkey, has offices in Istanbul and Ankara, offering services nationwide.

Provider IT - Neki Technologies

Provider IT - Neki Technologies is a company of the group Provider IT Business Solutions and is specialized on Research and Development and opensource solutions for the Java platform, including  support, training and consulting on Jenkins platform. We have integrted solutions with Maven, Nexus, Subversion and ALM solution Polarion. The company is located in Brazil, with offices in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Juiz de Fora, offering services at national and international level.

Provider IT - Neki Technologies é uma empresa da Provider IT Business Solutions e especialista em pesquisa, desenvolvimento e soluções opensource para a plataforma Java, incluindo suporte, treinamento e consultoria na plataforma Jenkins. Temos soluções integradas com Maven, Nexus, Subversion e a solução de ALM Polarion. A empresa está localizada no Brasil, com escritórios em Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo e Juiz de Fora, oferecendo serviços a nivel nacional e internacional.

Framework Training - we love technology!

Framework Training (London, UK) is a big fan of Agile software development. As well as running regular public and custom on-site Certified Training Courses, their course portfolio incorporates TDD, Continuous Integration, Pair Programming, Build Automation, Version Control and all that good stuff in their hands-on software development classes. One of the first courses Framework Training ran revolved around Agile / TDD Best Practises and Jenkins underpinned the whole thing. Thanks Jenkins!

Pragati Software (India)

Pragati Software Pvt Ltd (Mumbai, India) is a leading provider of IT training in India. We offer basic to advanced levels of training on Jenkins, Maven, jUnit, jMock, Fitnesse, as well as various other subjects including agile software development, solution architecture, enterprise architecture, SOA, etc.

Web Age Solutions

Web Age offers Continuous Integration Training to introduce students to the theory and needs behind Continuous Integration, and give the tools to implement Continuous Integration using Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, and Artifactory.

There are several options for training, including traditional classroom courses, live virtual courses, and soon, online video training.


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