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Plugin Information

Plugin ID chucknorris Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
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Required Core
0.9.1 (archives)
Nov 02, 2015
Source Code
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Pull Requests
Baptiste Mathus (id: batmat)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 6279
2014-Dec 6154
2015-Jan 6373
2015-Feb 6385
2015-Mar 6637
2015-Apr 6542
2015-May 6510
2015-Jun 6697
2015-Jul 6584
2015-Aug 6482
2015-Sep 6605
2015-Oct 6579

Displays a picture of Chuck Norris (instead of Jenkins the butler) and a random Chuck Norris 'The Programmer' fact on each build page.

Download & Installation

You can download the latest .hpi and install it from the Manage Plugins menu, or install this plugin directly from the Plugins Update Center.


  1. After installing the plugin, go to job configuration page, a checkbox with the text 'Activate ChuckNorris' should appear.
  2. Tick the checkbox and save the configuration. For freestyle job, Chuck Norris image (along with a random quote) will appear on the job page.
  3. Run a build. After it's completed, Chuck Norris image (and the random quote) should also appear on the build page. This is applicable for both freestyle and Maven jobs.



Q: I'm getting NonExistentFieldException in Hudson log file, how to fix this problem?
hudson.util.RobustReflectionConverter doUnmarshal
WARNING: Skipping a non-existent field fact
com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.NonExistentFieldException: No such field hudson.plugins.chucknorris.RoundhouseAction.fact
A: Upgrade to ChuckNorris Plugin 0.4 or newer. That should get rid of the exception message.



Chuck Norris 'The Programmer' facts and Emotional Hudson Plugin.


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