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Plugin Information

Plugin ID changelog-history Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
1.3 (archives)
Mar 29, 2011
subversion (version:1.23)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Pull Requests
Open Issues
Pull Requests
Alan Harder (id: mindless)
Usage Installations 2014-Nov 1164
2014-Dec 1158
2015-Jan 1214
2015-Feb 1177
2015-Mar 1190
2015-Apr 1199
2015-May 1210
2015-Jun 1212
2015-Jul 1229
2015-Aug 1198
2015-Sep 1225
2015-Oct 1188

This plugin copies change log data to a later build when a build is deleted.

Whenever builds are deleted the change log data is lost too. If you save some builds with "keep forever" you only retain the change log of that particular build, but not other interim builds that have been deleted. This plugin watches for deleted builds and copies the change log data to the next existing build. It adds links to view the old change log data in the build page sidebar and in the changes view for projects/builds.


Version 1.3 (Mar 29, 2011)
  • Update for Jenkins.
Version 1.2 (Jan 17, 2011)
  • Added Japanese translation.
Version 1.1 (Aug 19, 2009)
  • Add "More change log history" links in changes view for projects/builds.
Version 1.0 (Mar 6, 2009)
  • Initial release.


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