Jenkins : CVS Tagging Plugin

Plugin Information

Distribution of this plugin has been suspended due to unresolved security vulnerabilities, see below.

The current version of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before use:

WARNING: CVS Tagging plugin currently does not work with CVS Plugin 2.0 or later.

What does this do?

This plugin will perform CVS tagging (cvs rtag when possible) after a job has been built successfully.



Change Log

Release 1.7 (Nov 3rd, 2011):

Release 1.6 (April 30, 2011):

  • Fixed tagging the latest files on a branch. Resolves JENKINS-2895
  • Use exact same date format as the CVS plugin uses to checkout when using date. JENKINS-7430, JENKINS-8875
  • Fix tagging on slave servers. JENKINS-3035
  • Added option to move tag if it already exists (cvs (r)tag -F). JENKINS-7851
  • Mark build as unstable if the tag command fails.

Release 1.5 (January 28, 2010):

  • Update code for more recent Hudson

Release 1.4 (May 11, 2009):

  • Fixed a bug in the multi-module name (report)

Release 1.3 (December 8, 2008):

Release 1.2 (October 4, 2008):

Release 1.1 (June 17, 2008):

  • Fix bug in validation of groovy expression for 'tag name'

Release 1.0 (June 16, 2008):

  • Initial release