Jenkins : CLIF Performance Testing Plugin with ProActive

Automated deployment of your distributed test plans

When configuring a CLIF runtime in Jenkins' Global tools configuration page, you may activate option "Deploy with ProActive Scheduler".

When activating this option, the deployment of your CLIF test plan is submitted as a workflow definition to a ProActive Scheduler service. Necessary execution nodes (one node per CLIF server in the test plan, plus one for managing the global test deployment and execution) are dynamically allocated from a ProActive Resource Manager service that gets nodes from a variety of cloud sources (most common IaaS are supported) or even the workstations of your team.

Should you want to deploy the tested application along with the CLIF test plan, override the default workflow by adding the deployment definition of your application (typically using the Groovy language), for fully automated performance testing in continuous integration. See this video and the presentation slides.

More about ProActive Scheduling & Workflows...


Documentation to be continued...

In the meanwhile, don't hesitate to ask for support from the main CLIF mailing list!