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Aug 15, 2012
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Gregory Boissinot (id: gbois)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 72
2013-May 81
2013-Jun 83
2013-Jul 89
2013-Aug 82
2013-Sep 101
2013-Oct 104
2013-Nov 105
2013-Dec 106
2014-Jan 105
2014-Feb 109
2014-Mar 109

This plugin makes it possible to capture the build context to ensure traceability and auditability.


Knowing build information is indispensable to keep traceability. Build information enables use to reproduce the build process and deployment process on demand.
This plugin enables you to capture the build context by defining several predefined captured types and lets you define some custom capture elements (from script execution).
After the capture, you are able to export the build context and attach it to your artifacts.


  • Captures build context used by a build
  • Knows build context elements used for each job run

Some use cases

  • To capture environment variables used by the build
    Note: It is suggested to use EnvInject plugin for managing environment variables
    and there is a connector between EnvInject plugin and BuildContextCapture plugin.
  • To capture the build log
  • To capture infrastructure information (plugins information, jenkins version, and so on)
  • To capture the job configuration file (config.xml)
  • To execute a script and capture any recorded file from the build
    Note: For example, you can execute the cleartool command 'setcs' to capture the Clearcase config spec of your project used by the build.



* Fix issue #14822 - Jenkins BuildContext Capture Plug-in's configuration wizard gets duplicated


* Add a build action and a project action


* Add build time type
* Introduce a BuildContextCapture publisher type


* Add the ability to capture elements through a script


* Add support of different exported format


* Initial version


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