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Deprecated. Use Credentials Binding Plugin instead.

Lets you upload secret files to be used by a build.

Plugin Information

Plugin ID secret Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
1.7 (archives)
Mar 06, 2013
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Jesse Glick (id: jglick)
Usage Installations 2014-Apr 331
2014-May 343
2014-Jun 334
2014-Jul 348
2014-Aug 363
2014-Sep 370
2014-Oct 367
2014-Nov 359
2014-Dec 336
2015-Jan 362
2015-Feb 353
2015-Mar 387

You may have a keystore for jarsigner, a list of passwords, or other confidential files which you want to be used by a job but which should not be kept in its SCM, or even visible from its config.xml. Saving these files on the server and referring to them by absolute path requires you to have a server login, and does not work on slaves. This plugin gives you an easy way to package up all a job's secret files and access them using a single environment variable during the build.

Do not use 1.0 or 1.1. 1.2 works but has no GUI for file upload; 1.3 fixes upload GUI.
1.4 adds JDK 5 compatibility (but only tested on JDK 6).
1.5 fixes file upload GUI for some servers (Tomcat and perhaps others).
1.6 permits users with only per-project Configure permission to upload the secret ZIP.
1.7 made the plugin work with folders.


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