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Plugin Information

Plugin ID build-publisher Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
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Required Core
1.21 (archives)
Jun 16, 2015
maven-plugin (version:2.2)
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Pull Requests
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Pull Requests
Vojtech Juranek (id: vjuranek)
Usage Installations 2014-Aug 1274
2014-Sep 1338
2014-Oct 1357
2014-Nov 1363
2014-Dec 1342
2015-Jan 1360
2015-Feb 1367
2015-Mar 1440
2015-Apr 1495
2015-May 1483
2015-Jun 1490
2015-Jul 1516

What does it do?

This plugin allows records from one Jenkins to be published on another Jenkins. The typical use case is for you to run builds within the firewall, then send the results to another Jenkins which is facing the outside world.

How it works?

For the convention, let's call the Jenkins that's doing builds private Jenkins, and let's call the Jenkins that's just broadcasting build results as public Jenkins. The following pieces are involved to make this work:

  • Both private and public Jenkins need to have the build-publisher plugin installed. This plugin makes Jenkins capable of sending records to public Jenkins.
  • Private Jenkins is configured with information about public Jenkins instance(s) that it wants to send data to.
  • Jobs on private Jenkins need to opt-in to the publication (through the job configuration.)

Once this is set up, build records from private Jenkins is sent to public Jenkins, through HTTP. If a corresponding job does not exist, it will be automatically created on the public Jenkins and kept in sync with the private Jenkins.

For this arrangement to work correctly, two Jenkins need to have more or less the same version of plugins.

Configuration and usage

Public Jenkins instance is configured on the global configuration page. You have to specify name, URL, administrator username and password, as shown on the following screenshot.

Check "Publish build" on the job configuration page int the "Post-build Actions" section to mark the project for publishing:

To check the status of publishing go to "Dashboard" -> "Manage Jenkins" -> "Build publishing status". In case of any problem during build transmission, you can restart the publishing thread or reschedule interrupted transmission (otherwise the thread waits for 10 minutes and tries again).


Proxy support is available since ver. 1.12. Proxy settings is loaded from Update center setup. If you do any changed to proxy setup, you need to reload proxy setup in Build publisher section global Jenkins configuration page in order to Build publisher reflect the changes (or restart Jenkins:-).

Missing features and known bugs

  • Views don't get synchronized automatically
  • The plugin isn't able to deal with matrix projects whose configurations (axis) have changed (I had problems reproducing this lately)

Change Log

Upcoming changes
Version 1.20 (2015/01/28)
Version 1.19 (2014/05/10)
Version 1.18 (2014/04/09)
  • BuildPublisher reports "URL doesn't exist" after upgrade Remote Jenkins to 1.535 (issue #20067)
Version 1.17 (2013/05/14)
Version 1.16 (2013/04/30)
  • Create matrix sub-job if doesn't exists (pull #2)
  • Proper encoding of URLs of jobs (pull #3)
Version 1.15 (2013/02/28)
  • Update for changes required by Jenkins core 1.503 (issue #16993)
Version 1.14 (2013/02/26)
  • Handle error states when job was already deleted or matrix configuration doesn't exists yet (pull #2)
  • Proper URL encoding (pull #1)
Version 1.13 (2012/09/05)
  • Update for changes required by Jenkins core 1.463 (issue #13857)
  • Close output stream if some exception happens
Version 1.12 (2012/03/28)
Version 1.11 (2011/09/21)
Version 1.10 (2010/09/08)
  • Fix for JENKINS-7330
Version 1.9 (2010/08/05)
  • Added option to disable triggers on public Hudson (JENKINS-3802)
Version 1.8 (2009/12/28)
  • Fix link to matrix configuration
  • Update uses of deprecated APIs


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