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Plugin Information

Plugin ID audit-trail Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
2.1 (archives)
Sep 16, 2014
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Issue Tracking
Open Issues
n/a (id: cleclerc)
Usage Installations 2014-Mar 3317
2014-Apr 3385
2014-May 3388
2014-Jun 3401
2014-Jul 3454
2014-Aug 3436
2014-Sep 3544
2014-Oct 3669
2014-Nov 3618
2014-Dec 3582
2015-Jan 3768
2015-Feb 3862

Keep a log of who performed particular Jenkins operations, such as configuring jobs.
This plugin adds an Audit Trail section in the main Jenkins configuration page. Here you can configure log location and settings (file size and number of rotating log files), and a URI pattern for requests to be logged. The default options select most actions with significant effect such as creating/configuring/deleting jobs and views or delete/save-forever/start a build. The log is written to disk as configured and recent entries can also be viewed in the Manage / System Log section.
Also see the JobConfigHistory Plugin for recording actual changes made to job configurations.


File logger

Output audit logs in rolling files.

The file logger relies on java.util.logging.FileHandler and can use patterns to describe the log file location as documented here (%h, %g...).

Syslog logger

Send audit logs to a Syslog server.

Configuration screen

Advanced configuration screen

Console logger

Output audit logs in stdout or stderr. Primarily intended for debugging purpose.


Version 2.1 (16-Sept-2014)
  • Add audit message with build start time, duration, node and cause 
Version 2.0 (23-April-2014)
  • Major refactoring to support multiple outputs
  • Add Syslog output
  • Add Console output
Version 1.8 (31-May-2013)
  • Fixed security vulnerability.
Version 1.7 (3-Aug-2011)
Version 1.6 (24-Feb-2011)
  • Rerelease 1.5 to properly set required Jenkins version.
Version 1.5 (15-Feb-2011)
  • Set a default value for log location.
  • Translation update (German)
Version 1.4 (21-Nov-2009)
  • For queue item URLs, add URL for that item's job in the log entry.
  • Update uses of deprecated APIs
Version 1.3 (3-Mar-2009)
  • Updated to work with Hudson 1.288 and higher. Use version 1.2 for older Hudson versions.
  • Fix so build triggers also appear in Manage / System Log section.
Version 1.2 (13-Feb-2009)
  • Add option to log how each build is triggered (on Hudson 1.283 or higher; older versions just say "Started").
  • Add some more URI patterns to log by default.
Version 1.1 (16-Jan-2009)
  • Minor log setup fixes.
Version 1.0 (15-Jan-2009)
  • Initial release.


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