Async Http Client Plugin

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Plugin Information

Plugin ID async-http-client Changes In Latest Release
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Required Core
Dec 18, 2012
Source Code
Issue Tracking
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Stephen Connolly (id: stephenc)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 840
2013-May 881
2013-Jun 935
2013-Jul 1003
2013-Aug 1011
2013-Sep 1045
2013-Oct 1117
2013-Nov 1073
2013-Dec 1063
2014-Jan 1167
2014-Feb 1205
2014-Mar 1245

Async Http Client Plugin

This plugin provides a shared dependency on the async-http-client library so that other plugins can co-operate when using this library.

Beside the dependency to the async library (, this plugin also provides a utility class to help you get the proxyserver instance that is correct for the current jenkins instance.

Typical config setup
  AsyncHttpClientConfig.Builder httpClientConfig =
          new AsyncHttpClientConfig.Builder().setRequestTimeoutInMs(25000)

For code which is running on the master and is happy to use a shared instance that will be shut down with Jenkins, as of 1.7.8, there is a singleton which keeps an instance configured for the current proxy server:


There is also a responsive mailing list for using the base async-http-client library at:!forum/asynchttpclient|!forum/asynchttpclient

Change Log

Version 1.7.8 (Dec 2012)

  • Added AHC.instance() to provide a shared instance for use on the master.
  • Updated async-http-client dependency to 1.7.8

Version 1.7.4-1 (May 2012)

  • Fixed plugin description when the plugin is installed.

Version 1.7.4 (May 2012)

  • Updated async-http-client dependency to 1.7.4.

Version 1.7.2-1 (April 2012)

  • Changed required core from 1.424 to 1.398 to allow for greater uptake

Version 1.7.2 (April 2012)

  • Initial release, based on com.ning:async-http-client:1.7.2


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