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Aug 23, 2016   

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Assembla Auth Plugin


This plugin enables OAuth (see authentication for Assembla users to Jenkins instance using their Assembla credentials and delegate the authorization to an Assembla space permissions.

Assembla Security Realm (authentication):

Handles the authentication and acquisition of the Assembla OAuth token for the connecting user. Takes the client id (Application identifier) and client secret (Application secret) from the application registration here:

The entry should look like this:Assembla API uri:
Main url:
Callback url:
Space url name: assembla_space_name
Assembla API uri: by default is Do not change if you are not running a private install of Assembla.

Main url and Callback url: use the url of your jenkins instance instead of

Space url name: has to be set for authorization purposes, replace assembla_space_name with your space's url name (

Assembla Authorization Strategy (authorization):

Jenkins user permissions are based on Assembla permission:

  • Assembla user with ALL permission for space has Jenkins ADMIN access.
  • Assembla user with EDIT permission for space has Jenkins EDIT access.
  • Assembla user with VIEW permission for space has Jenkins READ access.
  • Assembla user with NONE permission for space has NO Jenkins access.

"Admin usernames" field accepts a list of comma separated usernames. These users will:

  • have Jenkins ADMIN access
  • have external access (access to Jenkins API via basic http auth) using their username and API key defined in Jenkins People section: