Jenkins : Ask the Experts at Jenkins User Conference 2014 San Francisco

At this year's JUC San Francisco, we have the Ask the Experts, where you can bring your questions to Jenkins Geniuses. See the times and locations below:






Harbor Room

Lunch 12:00-12:45pm

All Geniuses


Exhibit 2:25-3:30pm

All Geniuses


More on the Geniuses:

Ryan Campbell: Cloud based Jenkins installations

Dean Yu: Jenkins community governance board

Kohsuke Kawaguchi: All Jenkins development practices

Steve Christou: Jenkins troubleshooting/debugging, plugin development, some Jenkins core

Jesse Glick: Jenkins core, plugin development, Mercurial, Workflow and various other areas of expertise

Gareth Bowles: Large scale Jenkins deployment, running Jenkins in AWS

Andrew Bayer: Jenkins best practices, why you just shouldn't be doing that thing you're thinking about doing. Trust me.

Robert Sandell: Large scale Jenkins deployment, plugin development, Jenkins maintenance scripting and various other areas of expertise