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Plugin Information

Plugin ID AnchorChain Changes In Latest Release
Since Latest Release
Latest Release
Latest Release Date
Required Core
Mar 11, 2012
Source Code
Issue Tracking
Open Issues
Alexey Lavrenuke (id: direvius)
Usage Installations 2013-Apr 164
2013-May 181
2013-Jun 190
2013-Jul 218
2013-Aug 231
2013-Sep 217
2013-Oct 226
2013-Nov 244
2013-Dec 242
2014-Jan 257
2014-Feb 270
2014-Mar 267

This plugin allows you to add some links from a text file to the sidebar at every build.

The data are obtained from a user selected file in a working directory. The structure of the file is as follows:

  • each line in file describes one link to be added to the sidebar
  • each line must contain three fields divided by tabs: name, url, icon. One can omit icon field to use default.

AnchorChain complains to console log for any issues.


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