Jenkins : Advanced Installer Msi Builder Plugin


Using this plugin you can easily integrate Advanced Installer into your Jenkins build system. The output package can be any of the supported packaging types supported by Advanced Installer, i.e. MSI, EXE, MSP, MSM, APPV, etc. 

Advanced Installer is a Windows Installer authoring tool that can be used to create installers for Windows, for desktop and web applications (running on Windows servers). The Advanced Installer command line interface  works with any automated build system. Also, it features a Visual Studio extension, so you can create an Advanced Installer project and build your installer directly from Visual Studio IDE. The VS extension also integrates automatically with MSBuild, without requiring additional configuration.

Advanced Installer website:

Please note that this plugin only works on Windows-driven Jenkins installations.

Plugin Information

View Advanced Installer Msi Builder on the plugin site for more information.


  1. This plugin requires Advanced Installer
  2. JRE/JDK 1.7 or newer is also required for this plugin to work correctly. Older versions of the JDK have not been tested and might not work as expected.

Tool Configuration

Before you can use it you need to configure an Advanced Installer installation.  Here you have two options:

  1. Specify the root location where Advanced Installer already exists.
  2. Automatically install a new version from You will need a  valid license key for registration, otherwise builds will fails or the generated setup packages will contains trial notification messages. If you are using the free edition of Advanced Installer, i.e. create only projects of type "Simple", a license is not required.

Job Configuration

Job configuration is easy, just enter the relative path to your AIP file and set the desired options. For details about the different options, please refer to the Advanced Installer user guide.



The latest changes are documented on GitHub Changelog.

Technical Support

Further information about Advanced Installer Plugin, including feature requests or bug reports, you may contact us on



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