Jenkins : AWS CodeCommit Trigger Plugin

Plugin Information

View AWS CodeCommit Trigger on the plugin site for more information.

Enables Jenkins to trigger jobs on repo update events by AWS CodeCommit through SQS and SNS.


A Jenkins plugin that triggers jobs on repo update events by AWS CodeCommit, through the AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Simple Notification Service (SNS).


The advantage over the AWS SQS Plugin is that this plugin allows:

  • subscribing to multiple branches using the same SQS queue
  • subscribing to multiple repos using the same SQS queue

There are several (advantageous) implications:

  • you no longer need to create a SQS queue per CodeCommit repo

  • an update to the dev branch will no longer trigger all jobs that subscribe to that CodeCommit repo.

Quick Setup With Terraform

Use the tf-codecommit-sqs module to create your CodeCommit repos created with provided linkage with SQS/SNS.


AWS CodeCommit Trigger Plugin is provided by Ribose Inc. (GitHub page: Ribose Inc.)

The original AWS SQS Plugin was written (and still maintained) by Markus Pfeiffer of M-Way Solutions GmbH.


More Details

See this link for details: