Jenkins : 2.0 Launch Marketing

Jenkins 2.0 Launch Highlights

This document captures some of the ideas for building excitement around the Jenkins 2.0 (feedback)

Hashtag #jenkins2

see here

Screenshots and guided text

  • Initial setup wizard
  • Pipeline-as-Code setup/implementing Jenkinsfile
  • Organization folder/branch automatic indexing
  • Pipeline Stage View plugin
  • New tabbed config screen and its find capability
  • Replay build
    • The new ability in Pipeline plugin where you can rerun a build with modified Jenkinsfile to try out new edits

Jenkins Twitter Series with Screenshots

Basically every screenshot we create for a walk-through we should also re-use to fill out a narrative over a few days on @jenkinsci using the #jenkins2 hashtag

Twitter Badge

Show your Jenkins pride! Use this Twitter badge:

Tweet Chat

We will hold a Tweet Chat about Jenkins 2.0 on April 26, at 1pm EST/10am PST. Just before 1pm EST, log onto Twitter and search on the hashtag #jenkins2.  Get your questions about Jenkins 2.0 answered, share your experiences with 2.0 or just come and learn about it. 

Blog Series Highlighting new features

One blog post, ideally, for the sections above with screenshots and things like thatDemo

Press Release

On April 26, the day of the formal launch, the community is issuing a press release about Jenkins 2.0. We hope to get some coverage about 2.0 in the IT media.

Social Media Images

CloudBees has created about 10 or so images of our favorite Butler that we can have some fun with. Use the image(s) of your choice, make up your own post content to go with the image and push them out on your social media platform of choice. The images try to highlight the dramatic transformation of the Butler - he has a makeover (new UI) and a new website. Additionally, the inclusion of the Pipeline plugin as one of the standard plugins that you can automatically install with Jenkins 2.0, makes getting to CD and pipeline-as-code easy. We will provide a link to the images here in the very near future.

Jenkins 2.0 Certificate

Similar to the certificate that was provided during the #Jenkins100K celebration a year or so ago, there will be a Jenkins 2.0 certificate that downloads with Jenkins. Once you download Jenkins 2.0 and see your certificate, Tweet out your Jenkins Pride with something like: "I am part of the largest upgrade in Jenkins history, #jenkins2!"

Attend the vJAM

After 10 years and 655 weekly releases, we made it to 2.0! Join us on May 4th as we gather together to celebrate Jenkins 2.0. It's an online, virtual JAM. Learn moreMay 4th will be this year's Jenkins Day in honor of Jenkins 2.0.


Jenkins2-Twitter.jpg (image/jpeg)
Jenkins2-Twitter.jpg (image/jpeg)