Jenkins : 2.0 Website

This page is now deprecated as has been launched!

This page summarizes the current thinking toward Jenkins 2.0 website renewal.

Project structure

This 2.0 website project is organized into the following tracks:

  • Tech track
  • Content track
  • Sticker making track
  • Prototyping track

Tech Track

Settle on the underlying technology to host the content. There has been a lot of discussions about this already, summarized in the e-mail from Daniel.

Content Track

Content track actually goes through a sequence:

Identifying "pillars"

The users & devs of the project need to come to a consensus about what are the pillars of the site. It doesn't have to be one thing, but it can't be too many.

For example, on Bootstrap, the central pillar is the demonstration of the functionality. On devianart, the central pillar is the user illustrations.

This involves some brainstorming and prioritizations. Looking at the current traffic might be useful.

Add meat to pillars

Once pillars are identified, drill down on each pillar and brainstorm on what features/functionalities/attributes they need to have. Not everything can be done in a reasonable effort, so this probably gets trimmed down in a later stage.

  • Pretending like you are a user and think about what matters to you
  • Look for other sites who have the same pillar and see how they solved it.

Filling in the rest

When pillars are done, let's collect all the other content we need to have, and hang them off from somewhere. This can be pushed toward the end so that we can focus on the pillars, and there are so many ways to put those peripheral content anyway.

Artwork/graphics making track

Ideally, there shall be no connection between form and function. So in a separate track of conversations, someone needs to come up with buttons, layouts, styles, colors, fonts, etc.

This is the track that we think we need to bring in somebody, because this is a very different skill set from that of the Jenkins dev community.

Prototyping track

As each track progresses further along, Gus said he'd like to create prototypes and iterate on them. This could be back-of-napkin drawings, wire frame mockups, some functioning HTML pages, or prototype of the tech stack. He said he needs to use his hands to think, and I think we all benefit from seeing.


People with comprehensive inputs are welcome to submit their thoughts to ML or here as a child page: