Sun's Hudson deployment : Configuring Hudson Tools

Steps to add a JDK to the list of JDKs.

On Hudson server (kohsuke.sfbay),
1) Run /files/hudson/server/bin/install-jdk <jdkversion>
   This fetches the JDK for all the supported platforms from /java/re/j2se/<jdkversion> and install JDK to ~/tools by removing all unnecessary pieces like man, samples, and demo. The platform architectures are configured in /files/hudson/tools/architectures.
2) Run install-unlimited-crypto <jdkversion>
   This installs unlimited cryptography jars to JDKs of the corresponding jdkversion>. This is needed by Metro Security tests.
3) Run /files/hudson/push
   This pushes all the tools to all the.slaves and keeps them in sync.
           If new slaves are added, the file /files/hudson/server/ needs to be updated to keep track of the slaves. This file is used by "push" script described above.
4) Go to http://kohsuke.sfbay/hudson/configure and add the new JDK to the list JDKs.