Jenkins : zap-plugin JIRA Creator

Warning: An unofficial ZAP extension which allows you to create JIRA issues. It is an add-on NOT bundled with ZAP, nor available in the marketplace. DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK AND DISCRETION.

JIRA Creator: Jenkins Configuration

Jenkins Manage Jenkins Configure System


Notice: Required ONLY if you are planning create JIRA issues.


JIRA Creator: Job Configuration

Required: Set the JIRA Base URL, JIRA Username and JIRA Password as shown above.

  1. Project Key
  2. Assignee
  3. Export Alerts
    • Issues can be created depending on the alert level of each issue.

      Info User can choose to export alerts as JIRA's depending on their severity (high, medium, low, information).

      Warning: At least one alert level has to be checked or else the plugin will fail.

  4. Filter Issue URL's by Resource Type
    • Filter issue URLS by resource type is an optional feature which can be used to categorize the urls by resource type.

      e.g. css, html, js, jsp etc.


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