Jenkins : mktmpio Plugin

Plugin Information

View mktmpio on the plugin site for more information.

Create a fully functional temporary database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc.) for each build, powered by mktmpio.


mktmpio is a service that provides database servers on demand with sub-second provisioning times. Each server instance is a complete database environment with only the default database, tables, and users created. This means you can test risky operations such as automatic role creation and deletion or large scale schema migrations without the risk of operating on a shared database and without the hassle of having to deploy a server, create a VM, or even install anything.
The mktmpio plugin for Jenkins integrates the mktmpio server with Jenkins so that any build can include a dedicated database server that is created at the start of the build and then automatically shutdown at the end. Because the provisioning takes less than 1 second, there is virtually no impact on build times.


  1. Install the mktmpio plugin for Jenkins
  2. Create a mktmpio account by signing in with GitHub at
  3. Get your API key/token from
  4. Enter your token into the mktmpio section of the Jenkins global config page
  5. Enable mktmpio on a new or existing job
  6. Select the type of database server to create
  7. Modify your tests, scripts, or job actions to make use of the database credentials added to the build environment.



  • skip MktmpioWorkflowTest config round trip test (Ryan Graham)
  • travis: enable stacktraces (Ryan Graham)
  • test: revert @ClassRule to @Rule (Ryan Graham)
  • test: bump timeout again (Ryan Graham)
  • test: add timeout for slower CI (Ryan Graham)
  • test: MktmpioClient tests for offline failures (Ryan Graham)
  • test: refactor descriptor test to cover defaults (Ryan Graham)
  • test: add basic config round trip tests (Ryan Graham)
  • fix MktmpioClient not using provided URL (Ryan Graham)


  • fix broken test pre-condition (Ryan Graham)
  • linting all the things (Ryan Graham)
  • test: fix broken tests (Ryan Graham)
  • refactor: extract MktmpioClient class (Ryan Graham)
  • reorganize plugin images (Ryan Graham)


  • First proper release