Jenkins : jBPM Jenkins Handler

jBPM Jenkins Handler implements a jBPM work item handler, which can be used in business processes to remotely control Jenkins jobs.

To learn more about jBPM-Jenkins integration motivation and efforts, please take a look on this page.


Idea is to use the whole jBPM suite. You would just upload a .jar file of the handler to jbpm console. This console is able to run business processes, including persistence. You can also complete human tasks there (decision in test plans), which can influence which jobs should be launched next depending on the results of the previous ones.

This handler will be able to launch Jenkins job remotely and wait for the results. Corresponding service task for business process draft will be provided too.

Business process draft and versioning will be done by Guvnor (process repository and designer), so this will remain the same as for jBPM workflow plugin.

Jenkins container does not depend on this remote handler.

No need to create an additional Jenkins job (with jBPM build step) for each test plan, test plans would be started from a remote application (jBPM console).

Current status

Project has not been implemented yet.