Jenkins : iON Deployer Plugin

Deprecated: This plugin has been removed from the Jenkins Update Centre

The iON service no longer exists.
Archived versions of this plugin remain available for download.

Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'ion-deployer-plugin' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

Deploy your mule application on iON at the end of your build.

How it works

The ion-deployer plugin uses the iON REST API to deploy your application. It runs as a publisher at the end of the build, only if the build is successful. First found mule application will be deployed in case of a multi-module build.

You can define multiple iON accounts in the global configuration section.

Then in the job configuration for the application enable iON deployment by selecting Deploy to iON. You will have to select your account and provide the target domain.


Version 0.9 (Feb 20, 2012)
  • First release.


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